Back to School Security: 5 Ways to Monitor & Protect Children After School

4 August 2015
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As children reach middle school ages and older, they may have a few hours after school and before you get home from work where they are left home alone. While the child may be responsible enough to stay home on their own, you still may want some extra security precautions to be sure. During your last few hours of work, you will not have to stress by implementing simple security features. The following five features can ensure that your child gets into the home and stays protected.

Streaming Security Cameras

You may not be home to protect your child after school, but with a security system, you can monitor them as needed. By having a streaming security system set up, you can use a smart phone or tablet to log in and watch live feeds from your home. The feeds stream instantly and can have advanced features. For example, you can have multiple security cameras streaming at the same time. This allows you to view multiple angles and rooms at once. View public areas like kitchens, living rooms, and entry areas.

When you need to look at specific area, you can tap on it and zoom in. Streaming security DVR services will also allow you to rewind and look back on footage that recorded during the day. This will allow you to check on your child and see for specific activities like chores or homework.

Motion Sensor Cameras

One of the more stressful times when worrying about your children is ensuring that they got off the bus properly. By having motion sensor cameras, you can know the exact moment when the bus arrives at your home. Not only will the cameras get activated as they sense the motion, but you can receive a person alert from a security company when the camera is activated. Once you receive the alert, you can load the live feed and watch your child get off the bus.

The cameras can be positioned to capture right at the end of your driveway so they are not activated with every passing car and just when the bus or your child approaches the driveway.

Entry Cameras

Adding security cameras to your entry door is an ideal way to capture footage of people knocking on your door or trying to enter the home. Not only is this ideal for your own peace of mind, but the cameras can provide your children with a digital peephole instead of having to approach the door.

Using a computer or monitor, the child can view the entry door cameras when someone knocks or rings the doorbell. The clear video footage will help the child determine if a family member of friend is knocking the door. If they view someone else, they can follow your instructions on ignoring the knock or contacting you for further instructions.

Kitchen Cameras

A healthy diet is important for children. When a child gets home from school, they may be tempted to snack and eat junk. Along with limiting the amount of junk in the home, you can keep track of their eating habits with specific kitchen cameras.

Cameras that are placed facing a refrigerator or food pantry can help track a child's snacking until you get home from school. Even if you're not constantly monitoring the cameras, they can act as a deterrent for a child that knows they are there and monitoring the situation.

Door Security Codes

Instead of giving your child a key, you can install locks with key codes instead. This way, you do not have to worry about a key getting lost of stolen. If the key code on the door is compromised, then it can easily be changed. Newer smart locks can be installed and activated through an app download. Not only does it make easier for the child to enter the home and stay protected, but you can use the digital locks to monitor entries and exits on the home.

While this is a great way to start monitoring your child, slowly you can lessen the security features as you build trust with your child. Even if the security is in place, your added trust can allow you to check them less and less.